About Royal Gadget BD

Who We Are: Provide IT Products and services to the local corporate market and home users. Royal Gadget BD began its operations in 2020 as a provider of computer accessories to home users and small businesses. Today, Royal Gadget BD is a full service computer company servicing home users, and a wide spectrum of business organizations including governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Product Line: Royal Gadget BD mainly sells computer products like desktop, laptop computer, monitor, and so on. office equipment including printer, scanner, photocopier, projector, security system, and more are considered as the major items close circuit cameras, attendance, Digital camcorders, action cameras are available here. Gaming Products like gaming Laptop & Desktop added variety to our collection. We are constantly expanding our Product range. Among some recent inclusion, there are graphic tablets and smart book & document scanners.

Department: Royal Gadget BD is a highly developed Company dedicated to works, Here, according to working categories, there are different including the sales, Purchase team, development team, marketing team, technical team, and so on.

The Main Goal and Aim

We are Royal Gadget BD, and we are here to help you with all your technology needs. We aim to provide all the requirements of our customers and help them satisfy their needs, wants, and desires. We delight in seeing our customers happy and satisfied with our resiliency in providing them with their products. Our complete focus is on the customers. We keep tabs and records on what our customers want, and we try our best to bring that to them. We are already providing our customers with a delivery system so that they can order online and receive their products from their area. They do not have to travel long distances to get their desired product.

Services Being Provided

We are a Tech-based product seller. We provide our customers with the best quality products at the most reasonable price. We have varieties of products that our customers can choose from. The product range starts from Desktop PC, Laptop, Gaming PC, Mobile Phones, UPS, Tablet PC, Graphics Tablet, Monitors, Office Equipment, Cameras, Security Cameras, Televisions, and many other products. Each of our products is checked and reviewed before it is sold to our Loyal Customers. You are our driving force to better ourselves in all aspects of the service-providing sector. We strive to become a Perfectionist Company that delivers everything, word for word.

Customer Satisfaction

We have been in the market for a long time, and we have come to know what the customers want and desire. We have made changes around our customers so that we will be able to fulfill the desires of each of our customers. We want to improve more and more to be able to give everyone their desired or dreamed products. We are providing online buying opportunities for our customers, and providing delivery service for all of our products all over Bangladesh. We provide the best after sells customer service to our customers to make them feel that we do care about their possession and provide them with the best solutions for their problems.

The Brand That Cares For You

This is Royal Gadget BD! A Brand that is Truly concerned about its customers and loyally provides all the needs of the customers. Customers come first to this Company. Our customers will receive the best service and deals that ICON Digi-Tech offers. To us, our customer’s wants and needs take the top priority. We always have and will aim to provide the perfect result to our loyal customers. And our after-sales service will ensure that no one of our customers will come to us with the same issue twice. Come and Experience the service, product, and facilities Royal Gadget BD offers.